Selfsufficiency: A Random Bed in my Garden

I grow food for myself in my allotment garden. It is a combination of a food forest garden and annual crops. During the years the balance grows more and more towards canopy species with fruit and nuts as main harvest. But I also have some favorite annual, and more or less perennial herb-species, like potatoes,… More

Preface, a Small Life Story

I am writing a book, ‘Magic Against Capitalism’, in which I gather my views on spirituality, reality and society. So now and then I publish parts of it on this website. Read my preface, a small life story. Preface, a Small Life Story A storm is coming and the air is full of power I… More


About me, my work, and this website With this website I give an overview of my work and show its interconnectedness. Summarized, I do the following types of projects. 1. Edible Natural Spaces I participate in bringing together and organizing communities around edible natural spaces. I don’t do this alone. I work together with fellow… More

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