Verbonden met Grond

Deze pruimen. Ik blijf altijd verbonden met de terp in Biesum in Delfzijl waar ik opgegroeid ben. Die plek zit in mijn ziel, in mijn bloed, in mijn tranen. Op die terp stonden oude pruimenbomen. Zolang men weet heeft dit pruimenras daar gestaan. De terp is 3000 jaar oud. Toen ik naar Rotterdam kwam heb… More

Selfsufficiency: A Random Bed in my Garden

I grow food for myself in my allotment garden. It is a combination of a food forest garden and annual crops. During the years the balance grows more and more towards canopy species with fruit and nuts as main harvest. But I also have some favorite annual, and more or less perennial herb-species, like potatoes,… More

Preface, a Small Life Story

I am writing a book, ‘Magic Against Capitalism’, in which I gather my views on spirituality, reality and society. So now and then I publish parts of it on this website. Read my preface, a small life story. Preface, a Small Life Story A storm is coming and the air is full of power I… More

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