Selfsufficiency: A Random Bed in my Garden

I grow food for myself in my allotment garden. It is a combination of a food forest garden and annual crops. During the years the balance grows more and more towards canopy species with fruit and nuts as main harvest. But I also have some favorite annual, and more or less perennial herb-species, like potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkins, melon, sweet potato and soy beans in my tunnel greenhouse.

This is a random bed in my garden.

Yam and Groundnut climb on one side into the fence. Snow peas, capuchins, and mashua on the other side. An army of tomatoes stands shoulder to shoulder with tree spinach. Shallot onions and giant garlic at the rim and mint, oca and yellow crawling rasperry as ground cover. So here and there marigold and peony and nasturtium. And this all under the hanging branches of an apple with a grape growing into it. And pumpkin growing into the pergola.

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